Saturday, 5 January 2013


Lots of Helm performances scheduled across the UK and Europe for 2013. Up to date info can be found here and new booking contact can be found over at Surefire. A new 12" EP called 'Silencer' is currently being finished and will see the light of day on PAN this year. An taster of this can be heard in a mix I did for the website Blowing Up The Workshop which is online here.

New releases on Alter to come in 2013 from Damien Dubrovnik, Hieroglyphic Being, Age Coin, Basic House and The Bomber Jackets.

Thanks to all who showed their support in 2012, whether it was through buying a record, coming to a gig, or making contact through e mail.

Here's a list of some music I enjoyed from 2012, in no particular order:

*Isterismo - 'Folla Verso L'Interno' LP (La Vida Es Un Mus)
*Vanessa Rossetto - 'Exotic Exit' LP (Kye)
*Jar Moff - 'Commercial Mouth' LP (Pan)
*Age Coin - 'Perceptions' Cass (Posh Isolation)
*Andy Stott - 'Luxury Problems' CD (Modern Love)
*Astor - 'Alcor' LP (Kye)
*Raime - 'Quarter Turns Over A Living Line' LP (Blackest Ever Black)
*Dale Cornish - 'Glacial' CD (Ent'racte)
*Nick Edwards - 'Plekzationz' LP (Editions Mego)
*Oren Ambarchi - 'Audience of One' CD (Touch) / 'Sagitarrian Domain' CD (Editions Mego)
*Hieroglyphic Being - 'How Wet Is Your Box?' 12" (Mathematics)
*The Pheromoans - 'Does This Guy Stack Up?' LP (Upset The Rhythm)
*The Tobacconists - 'Smoking Is Green' LP (Economy of Language)
*Ramleh - 'Awake!' Boxset (Harbinger Sound)
*King Britt presents Fhloston Paradigm 12" (Hyperdub)
*Lee Gamble - 'Diversions 1994 - 1996' 12" / 'Dutch Tvashar Plumes' LP (Pan)
*Lorenzo Senni - 'Quantum Jelly' LP (Editions Mego)
*Acolytes - 'Known Nonsense' 7" (Savoury Days)
*Ekoplekz - 'Dromilly Vale' 12" (Public Information)
*Kevin Drumm - 'Crowded' LP (Bocian)
*Heatsick - 'Deviation' 12" (Pan)
*Dean Blunt - 'The Narcissist II' (Mediafire)
*Richard Youngs - 'Core To The Brave' LP (Root Strata)
*Stargate - 'Hexplore Superfluidity' 12" (Hundebiss)
*Cut Hands - 'Black Mamba' 12" (Blackest Ever Black)
*Luke Fowler & Richard Youngs - 'Yellow Gardens' 7" (Fourth Dimension)
*Russell Haswell - '5 Inch Vinyl Series' LP (Downwards)
*Philip Corner - 'Coldwater Basin (Volumes 1 & 2)' LP (Alga Marghen)
*The Shadow Ring - 'Remains Unchanged' LP (Kye)
*Mark Fell - 'Sentielle Objectif Actualitie' LP (Editions Mego)
*Marching Church - 'Throughout The Borders' 7" (Posh Isolation)
*Emptyset - 'Collapsed' 12" (Rastor Noton)
*Kevin Drumm / Axel Dorner / Mika Vainio / Lucio Capece - 'Venexia' LP (Pan)

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  1. The music on this new album is exactly the type of music that I want to be doing. It's heavy, it get more soundcloud plays. It's got a lot more melody that I'm used to. The first solo album was like a tweak in the beginning of what I wanted to do and I couldn't really get there, but now I finally got to where I'm almost 100% happy with this album.